Varieties of Risk

AHRC sponsored research project


Together with Morrocco Media we produced videos that highlight our research. They are short 5 minute summary that show how relevant philosophical thinking about risk can be in relation to many different issues in daily life. You can also go directly to our YouTube Channe.


As part of the Varieties of Risk project, we collaborated with:

  • Scottish Avalanche Information Services Together we ran a large scale risk perception survey so to get a better understanding of the user perspective of so-called avalanche bulletins. The work is ongoing and we are now collaborating with the the risk communication working group of the European Avalanche Warning Systems. Please see the outputs section for links to recent related paper as well as our technical report on the SAIS user survey.

  • Scottish Mountain Rescue We ran a number of CPD events on risk and decision-making and we recently took part in developing the incident management approach. We also organised a workshop together with the Scottish Mountain Rescue on The Ethics of Donation since most of their operation rely on donations.

  • Risk Communication We brought together Scottish Avalanche Information Service, Police Scotland, MetOffice, Mountaineering Council of Scotland, Glenmore Lodge National Training Service to talk about the challenges in risk communication. The meeting was so successful we hope to have follow-up events to bring everyone together to share best practice.

  • Glenmore Lodge We ran CPD events and provided independent input to further improve decision-making under uncertainty for mountain guides.